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Nutrition facts

Average nutrition facts for the 228 products of the fr:Biscuits apéritifs soufflés category for which nutrition facts are known (out of 241 products).

Nutrition facts for 100 g / 100 mlStandard deviationMinimum10th centileMedian90th centileMaximum
Energia 2040 kj
(488 kcal)
205 kj
(49 kcal)
13 kj
(3 kcal)
1870 kj
(447 kcal)
2050 kj
(490 kcal)
2240 kj
(535 kcal)
2790 kj
(667 kcal)
Gorduras 23.9 g6.3 g0.9 g15 g24 g32 g38 g
- Gorduras saturadas 4.14 g5.26 g0 g1.7 g2.9 g9 g66.7 g
- Gorduras monoinsaturadas 22.3 g8.13 g6.8 g7.14 g27 g28 g30 g
- Gorduras poli-insaturadas 2.46 g0.703 g1.3 g1.9 g2.3 g3.6 g4 g
Carboidratos 59.3 g7.35 g13.2 g52 g59 g68 g84 g
- Açúcares 3.42 g2.24 g0 g1 g3 g6.3 g11 g
Fibra alimentar 3 g1.58 g0 g1 g2.9 g5.1 g7 g
Proteínas 7.75 g3.48 g2.5 g4 g7 g13.3 g18.2 g
Sal 2.14 g0.639 g0 g1.5 g2.03 g2.97 g4.3 g
Sódio 0.844 g0.251 g0 g0.591 g0.8 g1.17 g1.69 g

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